Flashlight Workshop

You want to understand a specific topic in greater detail? You want to discuss with an expert which implications this topic could have for your business and how you can take the next step to address the topic within your company? Then our Flashlight-Workshop is the right solution for you: The Flashlight-Workshop is an in-house workshop where you choose a topic and we discuss with you and your colleagues the upcoming issues in the specific context, the current state-of-the debate in the scientific realm, how these issues will affect your business from an institutional perspective, and help you to make a first step to address the relevant issues. Interest to conduct a flashlight at your company with us?

Great, we are looking forward to discuss with you!


Presentations & Talks

You want to get a presentation on a topic that is discussed on this blog for a workshop, a conference etc.? Then you can book Marius for a presentation! Marius will provide you with the newest insights on these issues from research and applied projects: Interested? 


Study or report

 You already have a more detailed understanding of an upcoming issue, but want to get more detailed information and data on it and how this topic can affect your business model? Then our (short) reports are the right choice for you. We provide you with a high quality summary of the most important aspects of a new topic and its implications for your business, always from an institutional perspective.  The summary is around 15 till 20 pages long and provides you with an overview about the most relevant aspects and a first analysis how these aspects can affect your existing business or open new opportunities for you. Interested in a short report on a specific topic? Contact Marius to discuss the potential design of the study!